Why choose Jostens?

For our experience

For over 100 years, Jostens has been helping schools, families, and students celebrate the graduation experience.

Our first class products help to preserve a graduates memories for a lifetime.

For our large selection of high-quality graduation materials

  • Ceremony clothing: caps, gowns, tassels and accessories (stoles, sashes, cords, medals)
  • Custom university and school rings
  • Custom diplomas, diploma covers, invitations and accessories
  • Awards
  • Yearbooks

For our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability

We make choices every day that impact the people and places around us. Jostens pays special attention to these critical choices. We do our best to reduce our environmental footprint and to add value‚ to students, families and communities with careful consideration for the generations to come. As a market leader, Jostens is committed to supporting initiatives to ensure a bright future for all we touch.