Your year. Your story. Your Yearbook.

Since 1845, yearbooks have highlighted years and captured memories. They celebrate the experiences, activities, and people that make the year unforgettable and turn them into a printed memory gallery.

Yearbooks are physical works of art that share the memorable laughs, events, and traditions that bring your story to life, created to reflect the personality of your class. They spark conversation and provoke signatures. They receive handwritten wishes and carry emotional goodbyes.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience.

You can rely on Jostens leading-edge technology and legendary personal, local service from your Jostens representative to make your yearbook experience unforgettable. We’ve made it easier than ever to dream up themes, designs and covers, manage your project, and plan amazing delivery events that excite the entire school about your yearbook tradition.

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65 years of experience ensures that your project will go smoothly.‚ Contact us today to learn more about creating your school’s yearbook with Jostens and to see a free demonstration of our program.

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