Keys to success

A team project

Working with a team to design and create the yearbook is the best way to ensure that the project runs smoothly and is completed on time. Roles to be assigned include a project administrator, an editor, writers, designers, photographers, and even someone to manage marketing and sales.

Yearbook Avenue includes all the tools and support materials necessary to assign and manage these roles. Access to the creation site can be given to an unlimited number of staff members while control over what is submitted for printing is limited to the administrator role.

A creative project

The Yearbook is essentially a creative album meant for students. Page and cover ideas can be taken from the hundreds of samples and templates seen on our site or staffs can create these from scratch using our tools. If you can dream it, Jostens can create it!

An organized project

Yearbook Avenue is an easy-to-use, efficient creation and management tool designed to help maintain the organization of both the pages and the team working on the yearbook.

A collaborative project

Multiple tools exist to encourage and facilitate participation from your school community (survey tool, Replay It, Facebook links, etc) and to help determine the best content for your pages. Your goal is to create a Yearbook that truly reflects the spirit of your school or class and our tools will make that simple.

A unique project. A history book.

The design and pages of your Yearbook will be unique. They will not look like those of any other school. You create the story of your year and bring it to life in words and pictures ‚ and Jostens offers hundreds of customization options to complement your work.

You can further customize each book by adding names to the cover or supplements done by individual students or teams for more personal coverage.