Project Planning

Jostens – Were with you from start to finish!

1) Contact us!
Request a guided tour of Yearbook Avenue and a custom quote today!

2) Work with Jostens!
Start your project, activate your creation platform and ‚«Replay It‚» site, and begin collecting content from students and your school community immediately. Video tutorials and online support are always available.

3) Create your album!
Take advantage of our many templates and pre-defined functions or create your own layouts without having to use any additional software.

4) Manage your project!
Follow the progress of your yearbook and manage your staff with our integrated management tools. Completed pages can even be locked if necessary.

5) Finalize your Yearbook!
Proof, correct, validate, and submit, all online! As your pages are submitted, our team will verify their quality and ensure that they are ready to print before sending them to the presses.

6) Advertise and sell your Yearbook!
Use Jostens posters, tools and customizable marketing materials to start your selling campaign!

7) Books are delivered on time-Guaranteed!
Receive your books organized how you wish for easy distribution!

Sales support:
Use our online order taking system, manage pre-orders, partial or total payments, create receipts, run reports, and reach those who have not yet ordered their yearbook using our non-buyer email program.

Customer service:
We support you with a complete team of experts including a local representative, a plant consultant, and a full tech team who can all see your pages and assist in any way you need.